An academic researcher from Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan.
I strongly believe that their experience can create a shortcut for success and discovery. I like the way they execute the jobs among team members. Very friendly team with professional experience. We faced some delays at the beginning, but after that the communication became excellent. Although I am satisfied with the service, I believe that they can provide better solutions that shorten the way for discovery for customers. Based on my respect for Drug Discovery Pro and my wishes for them to be a leading service provider, I strongly recommend the team shows more flexibility when dealing with an inquiry from a customer.
For example, the staff strictly adhere to the details in the inquiry form from the customer even if it may lead to less optimum solutions. As the customer is not an expert in the field of in silico, the Drug Discovery Pro should provide some recommendations to modify the inquiry while doing the job to ensure a higher possibility of success even with the same cost. I also believe that the report should include more details about the conducted jobs such as software used, druggability, and some pharmacological and chemical parameters for the suggested or modified hits (Logs, formula, etc.).