Clients & Partnerships

Clients & Partnerships

National & International Partnerships

A wide gate is opened in front of the researchers to expand freely their research goals and advance their used techniques through partnerships with international drug discovery service providers.

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Drug Discovery Pro entered the researcher’s life to assist them in achieving their objectives successfully and quickly without compromising good quality.

What Can Drug Discovery Pro Do For You?

The dry services provided by the drug discovery pro-enterprise include data calculations, data mining, compound designing, similarity scoring, structural diversity analysis, and chemical accessibility. Along with molecular dynamics modeling, other well-known lead identification techniques that have lately entered the drug development professional services include mega and giga docking of chemical space for drug repurposing and identifying special chemical entities to operate against certain protein targets. On request, new protein targets druggability, and pocket-finding services can be applied.

Some Of The Partners & Clients We’ve Worked With

Provides various computational drug discovery services. This includes but not limited to setting up, running and analyzing all types of molecular dynamics simulations (e.g. classical all atom, coarse-grained, QM-MM) to study protein-drug interaction, protein-protein interactions and protein-DNA/RNA interactions and to predict their binding affinities. Services also include developing bioinformatics and data-driven machine learning models to predict drug off-target interactions, physicochemical properties and target profiles for investigational small molecule drugs.