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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be occasionally notified with the upcoming events and most significant news via the contact information you leave. Your information becomes seen by the company representatives who can provide you fast with the information you need and the inquiries you submit.

We have a clear benchmark to assess the budget required to execute the requested service. Some important considerations are involved in our benchmark like whether the service needs to outsource a specific technology from abroad to guarantee the quality of the data results or not, whether there is technical consultation with the research team required, or whether the requested service is just routine work. Besides, when the requested service involves in its package interpreted data reports, the quotation will definitely differ. Machine learning model generation service is the most service that needs consultation with the research team, successive physical meetings with the service requestor, and it takes many efforts from both computation and drug discovery/development research teams until they reach the requestor’s target goal. Thus, Machine learning is one of Drug Discovery Pro’s significant services which requires financial support from the company’s side and from the service requestor’s side to reach out to the most efficient predicting models.

One of the Drug Discovery Pro’s charitable initiatives is to provide financial support for graduate, master’s, and Doctorate students to encourage them to learn about drug discovery and development. The discount right now is available on online courses and it’s 50% for students and 10-50% for group applications. The Goldstar alumni who took courses with Drug Discovery Pro and received on their certificates the Goldstar tag gain a 10-20% discount for the upcoming courses.

  • Website: You hit the contact button in the home page of the website, scroll the page down, fill in your information correct, drop your message in the provided black box, then hit send.
  • E-mail: drugdiscoverypro@gmail.com

Some software is available in Drug Discovery Pro like Drug Discovery Studio, and Molecular Operating Environment, and others are pre-paid outsourced from our partners abroad like the MD simulation work station from Thoth Biosimulatons Incorporate which is based in Alberta, Canada. Many more international partnerships are ahead to outsource unique and rare computational services.

It is possible to be available but in limited times depending on the rush of service requests we frequently receive from the researchers and the availability of the research team’s time to arrange for an online meeting with the requestor to respond to his/her questions. Such services are pre-paid based on the spent time and the fees depend on the expertise of the expert who is going to meet with the requestor. 

Most of the time the course instructor is academic based expert in the science of the offered course. Drug Discovery pro is keen to transfer knowledge side by side with the skills from academicians and experts are affiliated to international organizations to help the researchers gain the profound knowledge and identify significant research perspectives.

Yes. In case the service requestor needs to use a model for a specific target among the available models, he/she can notify us in advance.

Yes. Drug Discovery Pro computation team who are specialized in machine learning programming, algorithm, optimization of the model, and computational chemistry can work on any requested compound database for a specific protein target. They set up the data, build the model, validate the model, optimize the model if needed, and eventually generate the model for the target bioactivity prediction.

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