Compounds Library

Compound library

All fragments/linkers are non-toxic and non-tumorigenic, and they are commercially available.

  • All fragments/linkers are non-toxic, non-tumorigenic, and commercially available.
  • The size of the library ranged from 100 to 1000 compounds, depending on the availability of data for each library that met the required parameters.
  • A separate service request should be sent for libraries larger than 1000 compounds.
  • The offered fragment/linker libraries can be linked to a vast variety of lead compounds for structure development or molecular transformation.
  • After the drug discovery pro receives the requested library’s fees, the requestor should proceed to the service request to fill out the necessary information. The library CSV file is then delivered to the requestor via email in 7-14 business days.
  • The libraries are updated once a month to ensure that they cover all of the lead diversity that may require equivalent diversity in the library fragments/linkers.
  • All compound libraries are registered and can be purchased authentically at any time by contacting drug discovery pro.