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Drug Discovery Pro The Drug Discovery Pro team is here to help you overcome drug discovery obstacles and the lack of drug discovery dry facilities. The team is composed of academic professionals who provide the services, the consultancy sessions and the training workshops on the most recent drug discovery perspectives. We will continue to support you until you publish in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal. The team plans to disseminate drug discovery research fundamentals amongst talented non-pharmacy graduates. We aim to help our research community release its full potential to discover new drugs. The team adopts a professional code of ethics implemented every step of the way to achieve accredited research performance.

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Drug Discovery Pro is the land of quality and innovation

Drug Discovery Pro matters because it has a research team committed to the enterprise with a passion. The team is helping and transferring the knowledge they gain over many years of expertise. The luminous sight of the team construction is that it has young researchers who listen carefully to the team of experts until they understand well and eventually launch the spark of how and from where we have to start with the service requestor. It is worthy to emphasize that we are eager to give opportunities to more researchers who have the enthusiasm to join us with the same passion. Every talented researcher can approach Drug Discovery Pro. 

Drug Discovery Pro’s clients are the significant aspect that makes us continue to advance our techniques and develop quality standards. To us, the service request we receive from the prospect is not just a case that we deal with routinely that we get paid off. But it is a challenge that may have several dimensions that we handle to maintain consistency and overcome rigidity. We may take time with some projects but for careful investigation and guaranteeing high quality. That is because time means nothing if the research product becomes significant and impactful. The service request we receive is a journey that we get through until we receive the impact in the form of international publication or advanced skills our clients gain to advance their careers. We assure you that we started Drug Discovery Pro with a high moral sense in consensus on the scientific qualifications needed for the quality of research products. The standards we work with oblige us to outsource any rare or significant technology which may help the clients innovate and explore freely.

In addition, we are open to collaborating on funded research projects for discovering innovative medicines as outsourcing for dry facilities and research partners whenever available.   

The purpose of new computational tools in drug discovery with Drug Discovery Pro

computational tools served to speed up the process of discovering new candidates. Many computational applications and software calculate in a fast and easy way essential molecular descriptors. Cheminformatics, diversity analysis, scaffold analysis, and structural similarity scoring are different aspects assessed for a candidate under study.

Drug Discovery Pro copes with the paradigm shift in the need for more advanced computations to identify new leads a thousand times faster. Thus, we highlight machine learning and molecular dynamics simulation as profound computational tools that occupy a space of literature reviews in the story of the newly discovered medicines elaborated by the pharmaceutical industry incorporates.

Machine learning models created in Drug Discovery Pro represent detrimental technology for predicting molecular bioactivity precisely and fast.

Molecular dynamics simulation is another advanced computational tool in Drug Discovery Pro based on a partnership with Thoth Biosimulation Incorporate. The protein modeling and simulation are done with quality and professionality by great scientists affiliated with Thoth Biosimulation from Alberta, Canada.   

Chemical space docking is a new tool that helps drug discovery researchers repurpose FDA-approved drugs by exploring their affinity to new biological targets. It needs cloud computing that takes tens of hours, available in Drug Discovery Pro via outsourcing.

Research Ethics

Confidentiality of the research data sharing with Drug Discovery Pro is guaranteed by signing of the Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (MCA) form.

International Publishing

The research outputs will be considered zero and impact less unless it is published in the top-ranked-international journals. 

Computational Applications

Technologies provided by Drug Discovery Pro are with limited modules which fit for the specific missions demanded by the service requestor to be financially affordable.

Project Management

Choice of the team who works on the project is not systematic but depends on the level of quality of the data demanded from the service requestor.

Fast Lead Discovery

Time saving is prioritized first in adopting the efficient drug discovery strategies in a customizable manner for each project.

Computational Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the most advanced technology in the area of drug discovery for prediction of the molecular bioactivity.

How can we help the drug discovery researchers?

Researchers can leave their contact information, drop their inquiries and one of our expert team members will respond to the message shortly with the perfect solution to the researchers’ question.

Our news helps the researchers update their knowledge about the technologies become open for Drug Discovery Pro to serve in providing the research solutions to the researchers with high quality in the shortest time. Drug strategies created by Drug Discovery Pro are posted frequently the news wall which will help the researchers also to choose freely the one that fits their research goals. 

Partnerships with international drug discovery service providers opens wide gate in front of the researchers to expand freely their research goals and advance the used techniques.

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