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The team at Drug Discovery Pro is here to assist you in overcoming drug discovery challenges and a lack of dry facilities. The team is made up of academic experts who offer services, consultation meetings, and training programs on the most recent viewpoints on drug discovery. Up until you publish in a major peer-reviewed journal, we’ll keep providing support. The group wants to educate talented non-pharmacy graduates about the principles of drug discovery research. We want to support the research community in reaching its full potential for finding new medicines. To undertake approved research, the team establishes a professional code of ethics and follows it at every stage.
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Is a powerful approach to drug discovery that involves the identification
of small, low-molecular-weight compounds that bind to a target protein or enzyme.


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A wide gate is opened in front of the researchers to expand freely their research goals and advance their used techniques through partnerships with international drug discovery service providers.


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The contact details you provide will occasionally be used to keep you informed of the most important news and forthcoming events. The corporate people who can quickly respond to your inquiries and provide you with the information you need view your information.

To determine the cost necessary to provide the desired service, we have a clear baseline. Our benchmark takes into account a number of crucial factors, including whether or not the requested service requires the outsourcing of a particular technology from a foreign country to ensure the quality of the data results, whether technical consultation with the research team is necessary, and whether the work is simply routine. Additionally, the price will differ if the requested service includes interpreted data reports in its package. The service of creating machine learning models requires the most consultation with the research team, multiple in-person meetings with the service requestor, and extensive work from the computation and drug discovery/development research teams to achieve the requestor’s desired outcome. In order to find the most effective forecasting models, one of Drug Discovery Pro’s important services, machine learning, demands financial support from both the company and the service requestor.

Supporting graduate, master’s, and doctoral students financially so they can pursue their studies in drug discovery and development is one of the charitable endeavors of the Drug Discovery Pro. The current discount is 50% for students and 10% to 50% for group applications for online courses. The Goldstar alumni who completed courses with Drug Discovery Pro and acquired the Goldstar tag on their certificates are eligible for discounts of between 10% and 20% on upcoming courses. In most cases, the researcher receives a 10% discount for any requested service if another researcher refers them to make a purchase. A full exemption is also possible for the researcher if 10 service requestors use his or her name as a recommendation.

Transform your life in an all-welcoming environment

Training workshops on the most recent drug discovery perspectives. We will continue to support you until you publish in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal.

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